Drink and Temperance
Must anyone remind us that for thousands of years alcoholic driks have been sometimes spectacular, sometimes safe to drink, but mostly terrible? despicable? overpriced? likely to be poison? And that nevertheless, everyone drank too much, including babies.

In Drink and Temperance, author Richard Valpy French explains how government taxes, a steadfast queen, and a wily chancellor of the exchequer (who, by the way, hated each other) put Britain on the straight, narrow, and sober way to enlightenment.

The book is filled with strange names, stranger and often evil drinks, and a populace dying (literally) to be served. Read how children learned to learn. How housewives gained focus. No, Britain did not save the world. It was enough that for at least some time, she managed to save herself.

Drink and Temperance consists of 240 pages, with overall dimensions of 76 x 76 mm (3 x 3 inches), priced at $45 per copy including packing and shipping world-wide.