About The Wild Onion Press
Why start a new imprint?
The answer is so simple. Every year the Miniature Book Society holds a conclave, and we all get together to wallow in miniature books for four days (more if we can stretch it).

Last year a very dear friend fed me a dirty martini and looked me in the eye, uttering these now famous words:
                                        "You need your own imprint!"

Then someone said to me, “No one writes about us, those who collect miniature books, illustrate them, glue up 24 or 50 copies each month, those of us who think they are the final refinement of book making expertise and appreciation.”

Then I had a brainwave. Why not?

Turns out, the Wild Onion is a much better gig than the old academic gig I used to have. 

The Wild Onion Press (an Imprint of Tony Firman Bookbinding) means a chance to work with my husband again. 

Wild Onion is a chance to think about ideas and work them out their stories, no matter how improbable they might seem at first glance. 
Wild Onion stories are all about redemption, all kinds of redemption, where people improve their lives, improve their outlooks on their lives, maybe even eat better and have more fun.

The flagship of this Imprint is the Little Booklyn series, stories about people living in a little town where the whole town, now and always, thinks about, makes, publishes, and profits from making miniature books and selling them to the world. Right now there are at least 24 books scheduled for the series. All will be illustrated.

There are other series for which one or more books have already been written, and are seeking publication dates...

Stay tuned!
About the logo
The tradmark for this imprint is a drawing of a white onion bulb, dirt and all.

The logo is an Art Deco font, Bockloo, and the Ns are indeed Ns. See them as stylized lower-case Ns with a curlicue decoration that begins to the left of the letter, and curls over the top, spiraling down so that it makes the second down stroke of the end look as if it breaks in the middle:

It's true it looks like an R sometimes, but honestly - it's an N!