The Visions of Chief Stands-by-the-Lake
Bearpaw, Chief Stands-by-the-Lake, is a widower, and the exuberant publisher of Native American myths ans history. He is a cherished member of the publishing community, and a stalwart friend of improvement in Little Booklyn.

However, like many members of the town, he has reached a crisis. This book explores how he reconciled his crisis, and came to understand it better, No "vision quest" in this case - just the good old-fashioned method of fishing, talking to good friends, and taking long naps...

The Visions of Chief Stands-by-the-Lake is the eighth book in the Little Booklyn series. It consists of 280 pages, written and illustrated by Patricia Caernarven-Smith. It has overall dimensions of 76 x 76 x 16 mm (3 x 3 x 5/8 inches). It is an open edition, priced at $40 per copy including postage world-wide.