Little Brown Boots
A primary school becomes the target of a bullying campaign. School management announces there 'is no problem, and we are dealing with it'. It's time for the school's female students and their grandmothers to take a hand.

Gently engineered by the Robotic Grandmother, Grandma MacInerney, the girls change their gym shoes for mountain boots, walk back and forth to school as friends, colleagues, and allies, and begin to assert their own strength.

No one gets hurt, and no one can fault the program. When the girls attract the press, they educate a community on what it means not to be harassed and threatened.

The book consists of 180 pages, bound in printed cloth. The overall dimensions are 76 x 76 x 15 mm (3 x 3 x 9/16 inches). It is an open edition, price $40 with free shipping and handling.